Vestibular Physical therapy addresses vertigo and dizziness and can also be helpful in treating balance disorders. This type of therapy targets dizziness and balance problems that start in the inner ear which, along with vision and sensation, maintain body balance. When one of these systems is compromised the result is dizziness or balance problems. Often our therapists test balance, coordination, motion sensitivity, strength, eye function and functional activities to evaluate the problem and determine the best course of treatment. People who can benefit from vestibular physical therapy include those who have suffered a stroke, head injury, or concussion; have a history of inner ear problems, vertigo, dizziness, or diabetes; and elderly patients who suffer from balance deficits, decreased reaction time and movement speed.

TSA therapists are trained in the treatment of vestibular disorders. Evaluation of the vestibular, visual and sensation systems are completed to determine the brains ability to utilize this information and maintain balance. Once a vestibular evaluation is completed a treatment plan is designed to address the systems deficits.