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The Role of Today's Physical Therapist

Seventy years ago, physical therapists were found mainly in hospitals working to restore function to traumatized victims of war. By contrast, over half of all physical therapists practice in an outpatient setting today. The role of today's physical therapist has developed dramatically to reflect the diversity of treatments available in the medical community.

Broad Treatment Capabilities

More than 350,000 men, women and children suffering a wide variety of ailments work with physical therapists in the United States each day. And the treatment components of physical therapy are broadening at a rapid pace. Physical therapists now specialize in areas such as:
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Industrial Health
  • Women's Health
  • Neurological Problems
  • Geriatrics
  • Orthopedics
Advancements in modem technology have made many physical therapy treatment components a vital part of a patient's recovery. For example, isokinetic strength and endurance testing allows a physical therapist to evaluate a young athlete's abilities, strengths and weaknesses -and to manage an injury with the goal of returning the athlete to his or her sport.

Physical therapists also help women who have had surgery for breast cancer regain function and strength in their arms and shoulders. By prescribing simple home exercises and using therapeutic techniques during office visits, therapists help the patient return to a functional level. Women. who are treated by a physical therapist after surgery often gain an improved body image and a more positive outlook.

Victims of Parkinson's Disease (a chronic progressive disease of the central nervous system) are achieving improved balance, coordination and function with the help of physical therapists. Therapists teach the patient with Parkinson's techniques that make tedious things such as getting up from a chair easier.

Another example of how physical therapy has specialized is in the area of industrial health. Many physicians prescribe physical therapy for injured workers who are preparing to go back to work. A trained physical therapist offers extensive evaluation and specialized treatment for work related injuries on a wide scale. And case studies show that injured workers who are under the treatment of a physical therapy program recover at a considerably faster rate.

Everyday, orthopedic patients work with physical therapists to promote healing for conditions such as tendinitis, bursitis, neck pain, back pain and joint problems. Therapeutic treatments for orthopedic problems include heat and cold treatments, joint and soft tissue mobilization and exercise.

Physical therapists are vital members of today's healthcare team. They evaluate, treat and prevent a wide variety of movement and function problems. More than ever before, today's physical therapist is dedicated to helping patients achieve treatment goals and return to their daily activities.

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