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Escaping the Holiday Blues

If you're beginning to feel a little overwhelmed and depressed this holiday season, you're not alone. Hundreds of people suffer from seasonal depression or the "holiday blues," according to health professionals.

The condition, often precipitated by increased responsibilities, can lead to symptoms of depression such as lethargy, altered eating habits and mood swings. People often feel a sense of pressure as obligations increase. Between gift shopping, going to holiday parties preparing for house guests and putting up decorations, many people just get buried by responsibilities.

Setting Realistic Expectations for the Holidays

People conscientious of the potential holiday pitfalls can successfully take a step back and look at the season with realism. When going into the holiday season, be sure to look at the holidays with realistic expectations., While you may be tempted to "idealize" the parties or other settings, beware that doing so could mean disaster.

While holiday seasons bring families back together (sometimes in close quarters), historic disputes can arise, putting a damper on holiday celebrations. Recognize that it's unlikely you will be able to create a suddenly deeper or more positive relationship at Christmas with family members who have not been previously close. Instead, individuals should concentrate on the joy in their daily lives.

With the end of the year offering a time for reflection and assessment, individuals sometimes focus on the negative aspects of their lives, rather than the positive parts. For people going through the holiday season for the first time following the death of a family ,ember, the season can be particularly painful. Instead of dwelling in grief, experts advise people to celebrate with close family and friends.

Reaching Out to Others During the Holiday Season

Besides the keeping of busy schedules, decorating and baking, the holidays are often a time giving. There is no better way to cheer yourself up than to help someone who is less fortunate than you during the holidays. For example, local residents can take advantage of a variety of volunteer opportunities or donate food or appropriate presents. Helping others makes it easy to forget your frustration or anxiety about what others are not doing for you.

Tips for Avoiding the "Holiday Blues"

Take the following steps to avoid the "holiday blues:"
  • Plan ahead and start activities early.
  • Establish time limits for activities.
  • Keep things simple!
  • Appreciate close family and friends.
  • Help those who are less fortunate.
Considering these tips for the holiday season, you too can escape the "holiday blues." Remember to set realistic expectations, celebrate with those you love and reach out to those in need to enjoy a happy holiday season.

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