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Selecting Proper Golf Shoes

Every golfer knows that walking the 18 holes of a golf course can lead to aching, tired feet. And many of us have suffered from bubbly blisters after wearing new shoes that were just too tight. Golfers suffer from a variety of foot problems, ranging form the annoying athlete's foot to the more serious arthritic gout. But whatever your problem, starting with properly fitted golf shoes and dry socks is the first-step in preventing long-term foot problem.

Getting a Proper Fit

Finding golf shoes that fit can be a challenge for golfers who would rather spend their time on the links than in a store trying on shoes. The next time you purchase shoes, have a competent clerk measure your foot. Don't rely on your shoe size. Shoe size and foot size are two different measurements and buying shoes which are too large or too small will inevitably lead to blisters, calluses and other aches and pains. If you have a hard-to-fit size, don't settle on shoes that almost fit, but instead continue your search for a properly fitted shoe. When selecting a pair of golf shoes, you should select one that will not allow your foot to slide from heel to toe, since this detracts from a firm foundation during your swing. Try your stance and swinging motion in the store to make sure that these golf shoes are comfortable.

Remember that you are the only one who can tell if the shoes you are trying on are comfortable. Don't let high pressure sales tactics or the compliments of well-meaning friends influence you. And, don't count on shoes stretching with wear. Golf shoes, which are only worn once a week, or once a month, will not stretch to a comfortable size.

For most people, one foot is bigger than the other. Always buy shoes for the biggest foot. And try shopping in the afternoon, when your feet are swollen. This will boost the likelihood of getting a golf shoe which will feel good throughout an entire golf round.


In addition to having a proper fit, when looking for golf shoes you want to select materials that will give you comfort and style. For example, natural materials such as leather are best they breathe like skin. As your feet perspire, moisture escapes through the pores in natural materials. It is also important to check the insole of the shoe to insure the foot will be cushioned against the shocks and jolts of walking. The feet are the foundation of the body. By choosing shoes that fit, you can be confident that you are protecting your feet from potentially serious problems later. If you have trouble finding golf shoes that fit properly, or if you suffer from leg and foot pain, see your doctor. Your physician will determine the cause of your problem and it accordingly.

Items to look for in golf shoes:

  • Soft, flexible leather
  • Soles that bend at the point where the foot flexes
  • A thick, cushioned sole that can reduce shock
  • A well-padded tongue in the shoe that will prevent irritation to the tendons
  • A wide toe box that does not rub against toes

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