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Holiday Stress

While the holiday season is prime time for fun and excitement, this special time of year also brings increased activity, added financial pressure, colder temperatures and more work. All these factors contribute to an increased strain on your body and mind. During this hectic season, you need to take some time out to do something good for you. Exercise is the most practical thing you can do to help relieve tension and enjoy the season a little more.

Studies show that there is a direct relationship between your emotions and your health. Unfortunately, stress can turn the holidays into a time of anger, depression and frustration for many people. Some physical symptoms of stress are headaches, backaches, high blood pressure, ulcers and irritable bowels.

Consider how stress affects heart disease alone. It contributes to three key factors that lead to heart disease: heart rate, blood pressure and blood-cholesterol levels. When we are in a stressful situation, such as a hectic family gathering or shopping mall traffic, stress causes all three indicators to increase dramatically. Without a doubt, it is important to minimize the effect stress has on your life, especially during the holidays.

Often, we neglect our exercise regimen during November and December, with good intentions to get back on track during the new year. In doing so, we neglect the most important factor in preventing holiday stress. Exercise helps your body release tension and relieve mental and physical fatigue causes by stress. A vigorous activity, such as brisk walking, raises your body temperature, burns up the chemicals your body produces during stress, improves your emotional mood and increases your ability to cope with problems.

The following exercises will help your body cope with stress during the holidays and all year round:
  • Deep breathing exercises As you are sitting or lying down, take a deep breath in and count to 8. Exhale slowly to a count of 8. Repeat this several times to calm your body so you can deal with a stressful situation with a clear mind.
  • Neck and shoulder exercises Ease the tightness in your neck and shoulders often causes by stress by shrugging your shoulders up and down slowly and rolling them back. Relieve tension in your neck by slowly turning the head to look from side to side. Then gently tilt the head bringing the right ear toward the right shoulder. Repeat on the left.
  • A brisk walk If the weather allows, put on a pair of walking shoes and go for a quick 10-minute walk. This allows your body to release muscle tension and remove excess levels of chemicals caused by stress. A walk to look at the holiday lights is a fun way to de-stress during this season.
  • Aerobic exercise Doing an aerobic workout to music does wonders to improve your mood and give you energy for your holiday activities. There's nothing like it to cleanse your body of impurities and ease your mind.
This holiday season, give yourself the gift of exercise the best tool for dealing with stress. And resolve to make exercise a regular part of your new year. Including exercise as a priority on your holiday activity list will be the best thing you can do for yourself this year.

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