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Office Workout

With temperatures dipping near freezing, many people are moving indoors for exercise or not exercising at all. Quick and simple office workouts are an attractive way to reduce the stress, anxiety and depression of work and the holiday rush. With exercise we have an opportunity to decrease the strain of stressful events. Exercise stimulates blood flow throughout the body, making us more alert and mentally sharp. What this means for workers and companies is that time exercising is not lost. Instead, a half-hour exercise session could mean enhanced mental functioning and greater productivity. The number of exercises capable of being performed in an office setting is endless. Office stretches for shoulders and the lower body, strengtheners for arms and legs may performed in a matter of seconds and in the routine of daily tasks.

If you feel funny about exercising, disguise it. Lift a phonebook and curl it, just as if you were lifting weights, then when someone walks into your office act as if you were just opening it to look for a number. Whatever the case, general stretching increases blood circulation, oxygen to your tissues and increases activity levels. These exercises should stimulate you and your productivity.
  • Sit on the edge of your chair, firmly grip the back and straighten your arms. Keeping your back straight, let your upper body gently pull you forward to stretch your shoulders, upper back and chest.
  • Sit upright with your hands clasped behind your head and gently pull your elbows back as far as you can and hold them in position.
  • Reach over your shoulder and touch your upper back. With your other hand, grab the elbow and gently pull until you feel a comfortable stretch.
  • Stand about three feet behind a chair and grip the top of the chair back. Keeping both feet together, lean forward until you feel a slight pull in the lower legs. Then move one foot back, bend the back leg and lean forward.
  • While sitting upright in your chair, gently rotate your torso left and right, but only as far as comfort allows.
  • Place your foot on a trash can, stool or book while sitting, keeping your knee straight. Gently lean forward at the hip, keeping your chest and neck high until you feel a slight pull in the hamstring, the muscle on back of the thigh.
  • To stretch quadriceps, muscles on front of the thigh, stand and hold onto the back of a chair with one hand. Bend one knee bringing foot toward your bottom with your other hand until you feel a gentle stretch.
In addition to stretching, office exercises and routine tasks such as curling your phonebook may also be strengthening workouts.
  • Start with a book in each hand, arm down, and raise your arms out to the side to shoulder height.
  • Sit down and hold a book with one hand reach above and behind your shoulder; keep your palm facing up and the opposite hand supporting your elbow. Raise the book until your arm is straightened and then slowly lower your arm to the starting position.
  • Place your hand between your belt and stomach. Flatten your stomach and pull it away from your belt.
  • Sit down, grip the seat of your chair, straighten your knee and slowly move your leg outward, then back toward the center and down.
  • Stand up with your back against a wall. Slowly slide down the wall, bending your knees, but not so far that your buttocks drop below knee level. Hold three seconds and slowly rise.
  • With palm up, hold a book level with your knee. Use the opposite hand to support your elbow. In a curling motion, raise the book to your shoulder and then lower it.
General stretching and exercising is good for both the body and the brain. Blood flow is stimulated; thus increasing your energy level. Through regular, active use of the body, you can discover a greater sense of well-being, far greater vitality, and a calmer, more relaxed attitude toward the pressures of the winter holidays.

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