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Poor Golf Swings Can Lead To Injuries

Whether you're a long time golf enthusiast or a weekend warrior, and improper swing on the links can lead to a pain in the shoulder, neck or back. Improper swing mechanics represent the most common problem among the majority of amateur golfers today. With more than 75 percent of golfers reporting pain at one time or another, the problem is a serious issue.

Treatment for those who suffer from golf-related injuries can vary depending on the type of injury as well as the severity. Many golfers injure themselves when they use an improper swing to compensate for a lack of strength or flexibility. Amateur golfers are so focused on striking the ball and hitting with the optimum distance, that they forget proper swing techniques.

While a temporary score advantage can result, the long term implications are serious. Golfers often suffer from impinged nerves in the back and neck, sprains, and a variety of back problems. These injuries can mean lost time enjoying play on the course as well as a painful recovery. With these apparent risks, it is important for golfers to take steps to prevent injuries.

Stretching: The Key to Preventing Golf Related Injuries

Just as joggers, aerobic dancers or any other athlete for that matter, perform warm-up exercises prior to a high-energy workout, golfers must also consider the benefits of stretching and flexibility exercises. Golfers often make the mistake of going out to the course cold, without any warm-up at all. To reduce the risk of injuries physical therapists and athletic trainers recommend performing stretching exercises for the arms, shoulders, neck, lower back and legs. To improve swing mechanics, a golfer may enroll in lessons with a PGA professional.

In some cases, an injured golfer will have to undergo physical therapy to recover from a sports related injury. A trained physical therapist can perform a full assessment of the injury, conduct soft tissue mobilization and provide treatment recommendations to the patient.

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